About Us

Triolt Energy

About us

Triolt Energy Private Limited focuses on innovation and creation of energy storage solutions. Our solutions extend to next generation lithium and beyond lithium. We do cell design and fabrication of lithium-ion cells for various applications. Our state-of-the-art cell deigns brings in ultimate safety, unparallel performance and premium quality.

Quick & Easy

  • QUICK Charge

    Charge in 15 minutes

  • Long Life with QUICK Charge

    More than 2500 cycles

  • High Rate Performance

    High discharge rate

  • Reliable Performance at Elevated Temperature

    Stable performance at 20°C to 50°C


Amazing Team Members

Rajesh Thomas

Co-founder & COO

Rajesh has over 12 years of experience in developing advanced battery materials, processes and techniques for battery technology. He has managed several battery development projects with industry and academia. In Triolt Energy, Rajesh is instrumental in various solutions for supply chain, new materials and overall operations. Rajesh received his PhD in materials science from the Indian Institute of Science.

Raghu Sripada

Co-founder & CEO

Ananya Gangadharan

Co-founder & Managing Director